Welcome to Dhammaduta Buddhist Association!

Dhammaduta Buddhist Association is a Coffs Harbour based Buddhist community group which was founded in 2006 by Myanmar Buddhists and local English people who have interest in Buddhism.

The first Buddhist monastery in Coffs Harbour was established in Upper Orara, in order to support the activities of Dhammaduta Buddhist Association, with the funds donated by U Sa Myint Swe's family. The organization has been performing Buddhism related activities such as teaching about Buddhsim and Vipasana, offering meditation courses, discussion about Buddhism to Buddhsit and non-Buddhist believers in the region ever since the establishment of Buddhsit monastery.
Participants of the dhamma talks held in Coffs Harbour

Our Address

26 B Jaboh Close, Upper Orara, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450


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Ashin Chekinda
Dhammaduta Dr. Ashin Chekinda